Reliable power

We invest in and develop new power technologies

We build and operate power stations

We supply standby power to
National Grid

Independent power generation

Green Frog Power builds and operates power stations. We deliver power into the UK’s network when it is most needed.

GFP’s plant delivers almost immediate electrical power to the grid. Our industry-leading proprietary software allows us to ramp up whenever our power is needed.

We operate and maintain our power stations to the strictest safety standards and work closely with environmental authorities to make sure our standards exceed mandated requirements.

We use the Best Available Technology for the market in which we operate, which is to provide reliable power to National Grid when others falter.

Our engineers continuously monitor our systems, resulting in our plant having audited class-leading availability to generate.

New energy 

We have been at the forefront of the UK’s power generation sector for ten years.

Our new projects include 280MW of battery storage and further construction of gas-fuelled peaking plant.

We are at the forefront of the programme to bring hydrogen to the UK’s gas networks.

We have an R&D programme with Durham University’s world-class engineering faculty to develop a ground-breaking new turbine of our design.

 We are always interested in hearing from people with new energy technologies and ideas.

Project delivery

Mobilisation to commissioning in 16 weeks 


Our team can handle every aspect of power generation from planning applications to plant design and from groundworks to grid connections. We build within time and under budget. 

The group has built more than 1,000MW of plant in the UK, of which 500MW has been operated in-house.  

We have sites located from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the north of England through to Plymouth in the south.  From mobilisation to commissioning we can build a complete 20MW power plant in 16 weeks.

Our project managers and civil engineers handle every aspect of the design, build and installation of our plant, from planning permission to final commissioning. They’re on site throughout the process to ensure delivery on time and on budget without compromise.


Green Frog Industries is the owner and operator of our 58MW of fast-starting peaking plant. We provide back-up power to National Grid and trade in the UK’s energy markets, selling months, days or minutes ahead of real time as prices fluctuate.

Green Frog Utilities undertakes all gas connection and metering activities for the group and third parties, from gas-network design to on-site installation and metering.

Green Frog Connect is accredited by Lloyds Register to design high-voltage grid-connection processes and to undertake physical connections to the grid. They have project managed more than a gigawatt of new power generation.

Green Frog Power was the first company in the UK for about 100 years to build significant power capacity using reciprocating engines, which is now widely copied by others seeking to help balance the system when intermittent renewable energy falters. We will remain at the forefront of the UK’s power industry with the new green technologies that we are developing in-house and with our partners.