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Green Frog's GF Trading buys our gas and trades out power


The traders focus entirely on maximising the income from our generating assets and minimising the cost of our fuel.

We will offer trading and despatch services to third-party clients. This year DECC ran its second Capacity Auction, a system to set terms for buying emergency energy supplies through to 2033. When governments take this type of action, there are normally knock-on effects within the markets – our trading analysts study these effects to ensure that In a tightening market GF Trading keeps us highly competitive.

Key Facts

  • We buy our own gas and sell our own power directly into the market
  • Expert analysts and traders manage our trading desk
  • Competitive real-plant trading based on the best available market data.

Latest News

Green Frog trial the use of Hydrogen as an additive to clean up emissions

Green Frog’s commitment to improving its environmental impact continues with a long term trial using hydrogen as a combustion additive.


Green Frog commission third CM power plant in Oxfordshire

Green Frog have successfully commissioned its third gas fired power plant in only two months.


Gas fuelled Capacity Market Power plant opens

Green Frog Power are please to announce the completion and successful testing of their first gas fuelled power plants at the Drove in Bridgewater Somerset and at Grange Road in Letchworth Bedfordshire.