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Green Frog generates electricity when the demand for it is greatest


Our world needs an increasing supply of power, but while we transition towards cleaner energy we will need a mixture of solutions. Green Frog are centre stage of this transition process.

The UK’s government has a strong commitment to sustainable energy sourcesSolar and wind are each prone to unpredictable drops in output – for example, when the wind suddenly drops or clouds cover the sun.

When this happens the grid needs replacement energy to plug the gaps and keep your lights on. The challenges caused by renewable power were never foreseen when the grid was designed and built 50 years ago but now they must be met.

Our first gas-powered balancing plant was built autumn 2015, in just three months. It has new software and new engineering –the blueprint for the next generation of balancing plant operated by Green Frog. In 2016-17 we will build £150 million worth of new gas plant nationwide. These new natural gas plants can start and be online in 30 seconds – currently unique in the global market. Just as importantly, they can be started and stopped repeatedly without an impact on the equipment. No other type of power system can get close to this technical feat. Pumped-storage hydroelectric plant are just as responsive as ours but they have to recharge by pumping the water back up hill overnight using carbon intensive power.The government estimates that 2-3GW of fast-responding flexible gas plant will be required for the UK power system during the next two decades.

Since the Paris climate conference the world is set on a carbon-reduction path by whatever viable means. The constant watchword, however, has to be reliability. Public confidence and business performance both rely on consistency of supply. The UK’s National Grid trusts us with a critical role.

Key Facts

  • Wind and solar power are unpredictable – the grid needs very fast replacement energy to plug the gaps and keep your lights on
  • Green Frog provides localised solutions, All Green Frog’s construction projects employ as-powered plant
  • In 2016-17 we will build £150 million worth of new plant nationwide
  • The UK’s National Grid trusts us with a critical role in balancing the system.

Latest News

Green Frog trial the use of Hydrogen as an additive to clean up emissions

Green Frog’s commitment to improving its environmental impact continues with a long term trial using hydrogen as a combustion additive.


Green Frog commission third CM power plant in Oxfordshire

Green Frog have successfully commissioned its third gas fired power plant in only two months.


Gas fuelled Capacity Market Power plant opens

Green Frog Power are please to announce the completion and successful testing of their first gas fuelled power plants at the Drove in Bridgewater Somerset and at Grange Road in Letchworth Bedfordshire.