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We are always at the forefront of changes in the energy market


Within the UK’s energy markets our reputation is that we quickly understood the demands of low-carbon power networks and built a portfolio of plant to meet the challenge.

We are always at the forefront of changes in the energy market. We were the first to enter long-term contracts with National Grid to build new balancing plant, the first to commission such plant and the first to build a new gas-fired power plant under the Capacity Market.

To maintain our market position we employ talented and hard-working people.

Our mission is to make the UK’s energy supplies more secure

Our fraternity of Green Frog companies means the group can a handle every aspect of power generation: site development, project management, infrastructure connections, O&M and power trading.

The team is right now building a further 20 gas powered power plants quietly and efficiently in all corners of the UK - each one of which will ensure that the power to your home is delivered as cleanly and as consistently as possible – in a nutshell we stabilise and balance the power network second by second allowing the wind and solar to do their thing – lower our carbon footprint.

The proprietary systems and software we have developed are the best in the world at grid stabilisation – our solutions are flexible and affordable and will enable the low-carbon revolution to continue apace.  We never rest in our quest to find better, faster and cheaper solutions – one day we hope to reduce our own carbon footprint to zero.  Right now we offset 110% of the CO2 we produce when generating.

Key Facts

  • The first to build new gas-fired plant under the Capacity Market
  • We stabilise and balance the power network second-by-second thus facilitating wind and solar power generation
  • Developing new technology to support a decarbonised future.

Latest News

Green Frog trial the use of Hydrogen as an additive to clean up emissions

Green Frog’s commitment to improving its environmental impact continues with a long term trial using hydrogen as a combustion additive.


Green Frog commission third CM power plant in Oxfordshire

Green Frog have successfully commissioned its third gas fired power plant in only two months.


Gas fuelled Capacity Market Power plant opens

Green Frog Power are please to announce the completion and successful testing of their first gas fuelled power plants at the Drove in Bridgewater Somerset and at Grange Road in Letchworth Bedfordshire.